FIFA eSport: Is the ePremier League coming?

According to kicker Fifa eSport information, the Premier League is planning an eSport engagement. The world’s most valuable football franchise could launch its own eSports league in 2018. We learned that from persons familiar with the environment.
The plans seem to be more concrete. Does this look like the logo of an eSport version of the Premier League?

The rumors about an ePremier League are already circulating for a while. English trade media have been thinking aloud about the possibility of an eSport league since the beginning of the year. Now kicker eSport has been given information that gives new meaning to these mental games. Apparently, there are already concrete plans for an ePremier League, which could be launched this year.

Logically, the eSport entry would be, wrote for example Digital Sport in March. The magazine takes as an example Manchester United, which has founded both a YouTube channel and a women’s team. When such a big club makes such a move, it immediately attracts attention. In addition, one would automatically assume that everything is well thought out, because no one wants to afford an embarrassing failure of the big clubs. In the same situation would be the Premier League. If they were to announce an eSport league, they would have the utmost attention of the world public from zero hour.

In addition, some clubs from the English league are already involved in eSports. Manchester City has several eSportsmen under contract and West Ham is also a successful pro with Jamie Rigden.

Many football clubs are taking their step into competitive gaming these days. They want to interest the young target group for the product football, because it is hardly to be inspired for big games in stadiums. But she looks in million strength FIFA, League of Legends or Fortnite.

And not only the football clubs are looking for the handshake with the eSport: Great national leagues are expanding their own eSport competitions. It was only a matter of time before the world’s most valuable football franchise entered eSports.