FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips: Quickly earn coins in FUT – Guide

FIFA 18 (now for $ 25) Ultimate Team is all about your top team you’ve always wanted to put together. However, this is – just like in real football – not exactly cheap. The FUT coins can be used to buy packs, replace players from the transfer market and even hire new employees. Without the coins, nothing works in FIFA Ultimate Team. We show you in this guide, which things there are to consider in FUT coins and how to get as fast as possible to the currency.

But this is not just about tactics for fast farming. We also tell you what you should avoid urgently, if you do not suddenly want to be completely broke or even banished. As always, you’ll find all videos, news and tips about FIFA 18 on our extensive theme page. If you have not decided yet whether football simulation is good for you this year, check out the FIFA 18 test. There, editor Christian Dörre explains what makes FIFA better this year than the direct competition and its own predecessor.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Quickly earn FUT coins
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