FIFA 19 on the switch

FIFA 19 also appears for the Nintendo Switch. This is so worth mentioning because two years ago it was not so obvious that EA released its football simulation on the Japanese console. Meanwhile, the first information about the switch version are known, and they are different from the other consoles.

First of all, we’re talking about what the switch version of FIFA 19 will definitely have, and that’s the Champions League license. After the big announcement on the weekend, the Nintendo console will be provided with all the content of the premier class. This means: A separate mode as well as the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup are included. FIFA Ultimate Team and Career Mode will also include the Champions League.

The gameplay on the switch, however, already shows greater differences. Thus, the newly announced Active Touch system will not come into its own on the switch. However, there should be team and player personalities and the club AI should take teamauthentische playing styles. In the field of shooting mechanics, the switch version is catching up with the other consoles. In FIFA 19 players have a better initial contact during shooting, which gives the player additional options in front of the goal. In addition, the new final timing mechanism is also integrated. You type once to set the shot and a second time when ball contact. Perfectly timed shots are therefore more likely to go into the net and badly timed shots rather miss the target.

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Due to the mobility of the Switch, the functions will also be available in FIFA 19. On the way, players can share the Joy-Con controllers and use the multiplayer game modes on the go, as well as at home. In addition, the Pro Controller configuration is also supported. In addition to the online friendly game mode and the CL mode, other modes can be played on the switch: kickoff, career mode, skill games and FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Pro Club does not exist due to multiplayer restrictions. Also, the women’s international match trophy seems, as on the Xbox One and PS4, not to be integrated – at least EA does not mention him.